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Meditation Bench


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This handmade, durable one person meditation bench is made of solid cedar wood, using ancient joinery techniques.   Meditation benches are  designed to take the pressure off your legs and ankles while kneeling, and to help keep your back and spine in proper alignment.  To use the bench, place it behind you and get into a kneeling position.  Then, slide the bench towards your behind.   Sit down and rest your bottom on the seat.  Your legs and knees will be bent, just as they would if you were kneeling.  However, you will not be sitting directly on your ankles, because your bottom will be resting on the seat.

We have designed this bench for comfort:   The edges of the seat are rounded, and the top is angled so that your knees are lower. The height of the bench is 6 1/2 inches (16.8 cm) on the lower side, and 7 5/8 inches (20 cm) on the higher side.  The decorative trefoil symbol on each side symbolizes to us the union of spirit, body and mind.

One size fits all.  Meditation benches are suitable for people who want to maintain proper posture; they are also useful if you are less flexible or have joint issues.  We recommend that you cushion your knees, and adjust  the bench further back or further forward for comfort.

Length: 7.8 inches (20 cm)

Width: 7 1/8 inches (18.2 cm)

3.7 lbs (1.7 kilos)



Weight3.747 lbs
Dimensions19.685 × 7.165 × 7.87 in


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