Located in Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
   San Jose, Costa Rica

  "I design for a timeless, almost Shaker simplicity with great attention to joinery and finish. I use not only traditional geometrical forms and proportions, but also asymmetry, and, in the bowls, natural edges and defects. I want my pieces to feel good in the hand, so all edges are rounded and all hidden surfaces smooth.

I don't look to impose a shape, but to uncover one that reflects and interacts with the natural fractal harmony between heartwood and sapwood. I feel that the people who buy my work are co-creators, and deserve my gratitude for allowing me to do the work I love."

- Barry Biesanz

Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica store

cocobolo rosewood jewelry box

My bowls and boxes are in the collections of the Queen of Spain, four US presidents and many other heads of state. My mom has a few too...

We make bowls, humidors, jewelry boxes, business card boxes, boxes to put engagement and wedding rings in, cigarette boxes, boxes to put lipstick in, boxes to put the junk that accumulates by your nightstand in, boxes for the Burton-Taylor diamond, and especially boxes to put other boxes in (set of four boxes, the smallest of which is only half an inch long.)

These are the galleries in the US that carry our woodcrafts, or you can buy from us by mail (no customs duties in the USA). If you are coming to Costa Rica, you will need a (map) to get to our place. Barry and Sarah like showing the workshop, showroom and tree nursery! We are in the town of Escaz˙, overlooking San JosÚ.

We have a nursery of tropical hardwood tree saplings for anyone interested in reforesting in Costa Rica.

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